Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to the world, blogging girl!

Today I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I've been writing it in my head for several years. [Or maybe that was just the voices. The voices also told me to finish off that box of Danish wedding cookies in the pantry. But I digress...]
I have the gift of teaching (whether I want it or not). And sometimes I even have good ideas (I get them mostly in the shower). So I'm going to use the aforementioned for the good. Or at least try to do so. I'm mostly going to share how I have fun with garbage.
Recycling Rocks!
I have obsessively been saving assorted garbage for a while now. I am starting to wonder if it's a healthy obsession. I suppose it is, because I try to think of things to do to re-purpose it. I was told by an artist with whom I worked in Alabama that southerners are known for making do with what they have. Perhaps it subliminally stuck with me. Another thing that stuck with me was that learning there is a gob of garbage floating in the ocean that is bigger than Texas. So those observations, coupled with the fact that I am CHEAP, started me down this path. I am going to try to share some ideas I have for renovating things otherwise seen as trash. Hopefully, some of you (if there ever are any "Yous" out there) will be inspired to save some plastic and other not-so-biodegradable materials from the giant floating garbage dump and make something from it that will astound your friends and family and most importantly, make your enemies green with envy.
How often I do it will be a mystery--I often feel like one of those circus performers who have all the spinning plates. Except that I am not as attentive to all my plates as the circus folk and some of my plates fall and break. Will this blog be one of the ill-fated plates? We'll see. Hopefully not.
God and Garbage
One of my professors in college told my class that when we write something, there has to be a "So what?" part to the writing. Or it's just a waste of time. So my "So what?" part of doing this is that I see a parallel with what I do with garbage and what God sees in each of us. In a culture (especially in the good 'ole USA) obsessed with image/status, we often look at someone and mentally trash them, or write them off as unworthy of our attention/love. However, and most thankfully, God sees potential in us all. He can dust off even the ugliest and make them beautiful. I know firsthand. He's still dusting me off. And from time to time, I roll around in the dirt and get messed up all over again. I am glad that He is patient. So a little disclaimer: sometimes I might also bring Him up. Because that's where all my ideas come from, anyway.
I'll be back soon! And maybe, just maybe, I'll have a project to share with you. In the meantime, give me some comment love to let me know you're out there.
Happy creating!

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